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28 May 2011
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28 Oct 2010
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28 Oct 2010
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28 Oct 2010
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28 Oct 2010
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Welcome to Fiji Medical Council & Fiji Dental Council Website

2018 Practice  Licence

The ANNUAL PRACTICE LICENCE [APL] forms for 2018/19 are now available here.  

The deadline to apply for your 2018/19 APL is
31 January 2018. 

Fully completed forms will only be processed. All sections must be completed.  

Late applications will incur a penalty of $50.00.

To download 2018 Medical Practitioner Recertification Form, please click

For 2018 Dental Practitioner Recertification Form, please click

Please contact us by email: 


By virtue of the MEDICAL AND DENTAL PRACTITIONER DECREE 2010 the Medical & Dental Councils preserves its status.
Each Council consists of 9 members. 3 members from each Council make up the Board of Management that governs the administration of the Secretariat.
Each Council has a Professional Standards & Professional Conducts committee that assists the Council in execution of its function.


The Council is charged to protect the health and safety of the public in relation to the practice of medicine and dentistry.
The Councils possess the authority to register or deregister and licence Medical & Dental Practitioners in Fiji.
The council also has the powers to regulate the provision of medical and dental treatment to ensure that high standards are maintained. It proactively ensures that the practitioners perform competently and conduct themselves with integrity and fairness.

Contact Information

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: +679 330 3647
  • Address: 1 Brown Street, Suva, Fiji