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Dental Professional Standards

Maintaining the highest professional competence and ethical standards amongst registered doctors is a priority for the Fiji Dental Council.


The following professional standards and guidelines have been approved by the Fiji Dental Council;



                                [1]        Continuing Professional Development

                                [2]        Scope of Practice Guidelines

                                [3]        Checklist for Dental Practice

                                [4]        Guidelines for Obtaining Registration in Fiji as Dental Practitioner for People with Qualifications from Institutions Outside Fiji

                                [5]        Examination Process for Registration as a Dental Practitioner for Applicants with Qualifications Obtained from Institutions Outside Fiji

                                [6]        Guidelines for Conducting Private Dental Practice in Fiji

                                [7]        Guidelines for obtaining Registration as a Vocational (Specialist) Dental Practitioner in Fiji

                                [8]     Dental Practitioner Code of Conduct 2016